Clemson football tailgating in downtown Greenville SC

Beer: A Centerpiece of Football Tailgating

Before summer releases a final, humid sigh, the streets of the Upstate turn into a sea of orange and purple. Football season is here!

And the start of college football means the revival of a treasured pastime: tailgating.

The concept of tailgating goes all the way back to the not-so-honorable viewings of the Battle of Bull Run in 1861, where civilians gathered around food and drinks and cheered for their preferred Civil War team. Can you imagine hiking from Washington, DC, with a jug of John Hopcock to see how the war is going?

These days, the crowd shouts team anthems at the smaller, less ferocious battle field of football.

But the setup has remained remarkably similar through the centuries: enthusiastic, competitive fans gather on the sidelines to break bread, crush beers and cheer for victory.

Tailgating at Fireforge

Considering as many as 30% of fans tailgate but never actually go into the stadium for the game, Fireforge is making this weekly football party accessible to downtown Greenville beer drinkers.

Inside, we offer shade from the sun and a giant screen where we project each televised Clemson or USC game. Outside, we have yard games to play; and when games run after sunset, we’ll set up our projector outside for everyone to gather around—camp chairs encouraged but not required.

The easy drinking Cracker Soul Kölsch and Vendetta Belgian Witbier allow you to enjoy beers throughout the entire game and remember the final score. The effervescent Replicant, Director’s Cut Brut IPA and the enticing Tampanian Devil Belgian Tripel make for great celebratory pints after a major victory.

You never have to worry about an empty beer cooler when you tailgate at Fireforge, and you won’t have to worry about an empty stomach either. Between Brian’s grilling expertise in the Tent of Wonders, our growing kitchen, and partnerships with local caterers and food trucks, we’ll have food specials throughout the season. Pulled pork sandwiches, anyone?

To find out our latest tailgating plans, check out each game’s event on Facebook.

Bringing Fireforge Beer to the Tailgate

If you’ve snagged game tickets and have the pleasure of seeing your team in action, then we have the perfect beer solutions for traveling.

You can bring in a clean growler to fill with your favorite brew or grab one of our 32-oz crowler cans to go. The Comic Saaz Bohemian Pilsner makes for a more exciting Flip Cup or Beer Pong brew than the usual macros you see around the stadium. Be on the lookout for to-go beer specials this football season.

As the weather cools and you bring out your team beanie hat and scarf, it’s time to fill the cooler with seasonal favorites like the Infinity Scarf Pumpkin Spice Latte Milkshake IPA or the Pecan Artist Brown Ale.

And don’t forget filling, beer-themed foods to sustain you until kickoff. The malty body of Fires of Helles makes for a tasty addition to a dish of baked beans, while Perlin’s Ghost Pepper Pale Ale can help you up your slow-cooker chili game.

What Fireforge beer do you want in hand when your team scores a touchdown?