Implicit Bias Belgian Blonde Ale under the brewhouse lights.

Check Your Expectations: Implicit Bias Blonde Beer Release

Blondes always have more fun, and golden colored beers are always light and bland… right?

We all carry around expectations that can unknowingly influence our experiences. This is called “implicit bias,” or “when we have attitudes towards people or associate stereotypes with them without our conscious knowledge.”

Folks with blonde hair experience implicit bias—both positive and negative. Ever heard a dumb blonde joke? Those silly stories feed our implicit bias that blondes are less intelligent.

But a Queensland University of Technology study in 2010 also discovered that blonde women earned 7% more than their female peers. While that sounds like a fun perk, it’s an example of implicit bias about attractiveness affecting how superiors award salaries.

So what should you expect when you try Implicit Bias Belgian Blonde? We hope you’ll drop all assumptions and give this golden ale fermented with a Belgian yeast strain an open-minded sip.

This blonde beauty is no one-dimensional simpleton, thanks to Riverbend Southern Select and Heritage malts. The addition of Streaker oats lends a hint of nuttiness and a silky mouthfeel, while Bee Well Wildflower Honey provides a hint of sweetness to complement the fruity esters from the Belgian yeast.

Hold the beer up to the light and enjoy the golden color during a biergarden sunset. While you drink, consider if you have any unattended to bias towards other beer styles. Our Fireforge staff is always excited to help you re-examine our beers with a sample or a tasting flight.

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