Open Position: Fireforge Special Events & Community Engagement Coordinator 

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Open Position: Fireforge Special Events & Community Engagement Coordinator

  • Part-time | 15 hours/week to start
  • Ability to grow quickly to full-time | 40 hours/week with demonstrated performance
  • Daytime, evening, and weekend availability (contingent on event details) is a must.

Desired Attributes: Create with Passion, Serve with Enthusiasm. 

  • Cultivates passion about creating opportunities for guests to celebrate, bond, and learn at Fireforge. 
  • Acts as an energy faucet. (Brings positive energy to a situation.) 
  • Driven to succeed and reach goals established individually and by the team.
  • Takes pride in being the best at what they do. 
  • Internally motivated by wanting to be a contributing member on a team of champions.
  • Enjoys both fast-paced work and stays motivated during slow times. Uses slower times as opportunities to explore and act on new avenues for business growth, build relationships, and create lasting memories for customers. 
  • Creatively solves problems to ensure a worthwhile guest experience. 
  • Communicates openly and timely with clients as well as Fireforge team members.
  • Employs strategic thinking and planning on a big picture scale along with awareness and assessing of smaller, detailed impacts of decisions. 
  • Has fun and enjoys their work. 
  • Demonstrates dependability. Shows up on time, better yet, early. Teammates know they can count on them.
  • Executes structure and attention to detail. Enjoys developing processes and documenting to help make re-creating events and collaboration easy and efficient.
  • Communicates effectively and works well with outside vendors, ensuring needs are met in order to satisfy the client and the end result, while also staying within the parameters of Fireforge operations.
  • Cultivates a strong sense of project management skills, seeing a project, event or task through from initial contact, planning, implementation and follow-through.  


I. Fireforge Operations:

  • Embody the Fireforge vision and culture.
  • Be a champion of exceptional customer service.
  • Create a positive experience for all Fireforge guests.
  • Support your team and lend a hand however you can.
  • Develop a high-level understanding of the brewing process and our full menu. 
  • Cross-train in front-of-house roles as needed, including bartending, bussing, and catering prep.

II. Event In-Bound Sales:

  • Review and respond to incoming event inquiries within two business days or less (from event inquiry Google form; call-ins; referrals; company voicemail; company general email; website contact form, walk-ins, etc.) Leads from other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) will be forwarded by social media marketing coordinator as swiftly as possible.
  • Qualify/Disqualify leads via appropriate methods, including series of phone, video conferences, and/or in-person meetings. 

III. Event Outbound Sales:

  • Identify, develop, qualify/disqualify, and close opportunities to offer Fireforge venue and special event planning services via VisitGVLSC membership and other business development relationships. 
  • Evaluate and improve marketing content and platforms to more formally showcase our event capabilities; leverage marketing communications and graphic design team as needed. 
  • Strategically locate and attend networking, business, and community events to build new relationships. 

IV: Event Planning:

  • Compile and log event plan details in Asana, our project management software, sharing with the management team on catering, set-up details, staffing needs, etc. in written and in-person communication.
  • Coordinate within Fireforge mgmt. team to develop and approve event client budgets; create and/or collaborate on event planning details, such as event signage artwork, decor and design.
  • Based on event complexity, be on-site point-of-contact, welcoming, and trouble-shooting.
  • Learn Canva, our design program, and become comfortable with simple design projects, such as reservation signs and special event fliers.
  • When appropriate, photograph/film in-process events for social media sharing and marketing opportunities. Forward to social media coordinator for editing and posting.

V. Community Engagement & Partnering:

  • Seek and explore community partnerships, missions, and causes that align with Fireforge values and goals.
  • Develop contact lists and reach out to smaller or lesser-known non-profits to offer donated meetings, happy hour or fundraising event space.
  • Develop Monthly “Pints for the Purpose” Philanthropic Wednesdays.
  • Respond to in-bound philanthropic requests, such as silent auction donation packages, sponsorships and event space “rental” donations. Evaluate participation and communicate with management as needed.
  • Attend and assess community/business events, building new relationships, and create opportunities for Fireforge to be a welcoming gathering space for everyone.
  • Identify opportunities to leverage and manage in-house creative services talents and/or contract with new/existing Fireforge creative partners. 

VI. Special/Signature Fireforge-Driven Events: 

  • Brainstorm, collaborate, and create an annual calendar/plan for Fireforge-driven events and parties, such as Gasparilla, Yacht Rock Sundays, Dinners/Tastings, Festival Weekends (Anniversary, Oktoberfest), Halloween, New Year’s, and create/collaborate on new special days throughout the year.
  • Work closely with management team and marketing communications team on marketing content planning, writing/messaging, partnerships, event details, staffing needs and other resources. 

Success Mission:  

Success in this role will look like: 

For You: 

  • Creating an organized, focused, and fun work environment that allows for flexibility and autonomy while in a collaborative team environment. 
  • Feeling energized and excited to seek out and jump on new event opportunities as well as see events through to successful completion, leading to repeat business and referrals. 
  • Meeting and exceeding your personal and professional goals; living well; finding harmony within your work and personal life. 
  • Strategically planning and working well in advance with your Fireforge management team and teammates. 
  • Seeing that your ideas and effort make a positive impact on guests, team mates, our community and humanity. 

For Fireforge:

  • Semi-private and private event management is a proactive endeavor, not a reactive one.
  • We are expanding current Fireforge-sanctioned special events, while also creating new Fireforge traditions. 
  • Fireforge is a top-of-mind, exceptional space for special events in the Upstate community and Southeastern United States. 
  • The public mindset is that “Damn, Fireforge knows how to throw a party!”
  • Fireforge is a place where all are welcome, demonstrated through meaningful, focused, and impactful initiatives. 
  • The bevy of events booked will help our team during seasonally “leaner” months while also meeting and exceeding company sales goals. 

About Fireforge: 

Fireforge is a hospitality company that brews beer and serves cozy, comfort fare. Our mantra is “Create with Passion. Serve with Enthusiasm.” Our company values are “Freedom to Create,” “Authentic Engagement,” and “Make it Better.” 

Opened in June 2018, Fireforge has a 7-bbl brewhouse upon which we have brewed over 80 different beers. Anchored by six year-round core beers, the remaining 14 taps feature rotating seasonal and one-off brews. There is always something new to try. 

Fireforge also expanded its food menu in Fall 2019, now offering a small selection of sandwiches, pub snacks, a meat and cheese board, and desserts. Food is now just as much a part of the experience of coming to Fireforge as the beer. 

We are on a life-long journey to create the greatest beer destination in the world. It’s a lofty goal, and we want to fill our team with those who dream as big as we do and will work hard to achieve it.