Limited Taproom Seating Now Available & Winterizing Fireforge

Over the past few weeks, we opened up portions of our taproom seating! Guests now have the option of limited table seating in the Dart Hall to the left of our bar or the Conversation Area on the right side of our taproom. Just like in our biergarden and adjacent garage, our seating layout is socially-distanced. We also have air sanitizers strategically throughout our “campus.”

The bar area will continue to be dedicated to two contactless ordering stations only. Ordering will still be available online as well. To manage flow and capacity, we will continue host-managed table seating during our higher volume times. State mandates still require masks or face coverings for entry and to be worn whenever guests are “up and about” away from their tables.

As it gets chillier, we’ll turn the heat on in the taproom and adjacent garage. Also, it’s heating up in the biergarden with the arrival of several gas heaters and electric umbrella heaters! These are big investments for us, so always ask a Fireforge team member to handle any adjustments to the heaters and umbrellas.

Thank you for your patience and kindness as we continue to do our best to provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable, safe, welcome and warm!

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