The Vorlauf Society is on hiatus. 

You have found the semi-secret landing page of Fireforge's Vorlauf Society, a private gathering of like-minded craft beer supporters who appreciate the finer things of life.

The Society is on an indefinite hiatus until we have the time and resources to dedicate to making it as wonderful for our members as we envision it. 

One day, the Society shall return. Until that time, we deeply appreciate the support we have received from our loyal patrons, and we strive daily to provide each customer that comes through our doors with an amazing experience of beer and hospitality. 

Thank you for all you do for beer. 

The Fireforge Team 


  • When is Fireforge opening?

    Great question! Our goal is to open Summer 2019. Vorlauf Members will have access to a private pre-opening party at the brewery.

    Can I “gift” a membership to someone special in my life?

    Absolutely. How thoughtful! After purchasing the membership online, please email Brian with the full name of the official member.

    As a member, how will I be notified of events?

    You can learn about upcoming member events and offerings through updates and invitations on the private Vorlauf Society Facebook Group and the members-only monthly e-newsletter.   

    Can I share this invitation to join with other friends?

    Certainly. Feel free to share this link with people you feel need to know about this.

    What is the term of my membership?

    Your membership will last for one year from your anniversary date. If you choose not to renew, your seat will be made available to a new member.

  • Can I bring guests to events?

    In some cases, yes. It will depend on the event. For example, general meetings will be open only to members. However, there may be special events where members can bring one or more guests for an extra non-member charge. A lot is going to depend on the type of event and if we have any capacity limits.


    How do I renew my membership?

    Your membership will only renew with your consent. We’ll reach out a few weeks prior to your annual renewal date to ask if you’d like to continue with the Society.


    If I’m unhappy with my membership, what can I do? 

    Cool to know you’re thinking of all the possibilities here. We promise to do our best to create opportunities for fun and memorable experiences – it’s up to you to participate.

    If at any point you’re unhappy with the Society’s offerings, first contact us with feedback so that we can help make it better. Membership dues are annual and non-refundable. If you’re not satisfied at year-end, simply do not renew your membership.


    Still have burning questions?

    Email Brian.